Kevin Ye - Entrepreneur & Product designer
Kevin Ye - Entrepreneur & Product designer

Producthunt redesign


Producthunt redesign

My role: UI/UX designer.



This is Producthunts' current website


Producthunt is the #1 discovery platform frequently visited by VC's and Techies. New companies post their hardware and software on Producthunt while it's community votes on which products are the coolest. Top products usually garner hundreds of thousands of views and considerable leads. 




Who uses Producthunt?


The audience: ProductHunt's audience is primarily made up of three different types of people. The techie, the hunter and the investor.

1. The techie: These are generally college educated technology enthusiasts between the ages of 20-40. Most of them either love trying out new software and technology or are deeply embedded in the startup community. Many "techies" work for technology startups within silicon valley & Seattle or within large companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

2. The investor: These generally are comprised of your everyday Venture capitalists and Angel investors, most of these investors browse producthunt daily looking for new deals and opportunities to invest in. Many are also "techies"

3. The Hunter: Hunters are the content creators, they look for and post new products onto the website, these users also consume content but spend most of their time posting newly announced products.

We will be redesigning the website for 1 and 2: the consumers. All consumers use  use the platform as a discovery resource. Consumers of Producthunt rarely visit the website more than once per day.

PH .png

Problem: Redundancy


Use case: So how do people use producthunt? For most it's a short 5-15 minute daily ritual and habit. For example: wake up, make some coffee, then browse producthunt before going to work. It's the new "morning newspaper" for many. This is why it is essential for us to design producthunt with a 5-15 minute attention span in mind. Because of this I've decided to focus my redesign on how information is organized and displayed to the user.

PH flow.png

Analysis: What I noticed was that most of the redundancy happens at two parts: clicking between different feeds and going from the product page back to the feed. Knowing that users have a limited amount of time scrolling through Producthunt, my new goal was to allow users to get through their entire discovery session in one go.


The solution 1: Improved Feed 

Feed ss.png

A big hurdle to this new redesign was the current feed system, it wasn't modular enough to give us the efficiency that we needed. Users tend to shy away from the home feed since there are alot of products that people just don't care about (like Games, audio books etc). Thus users tend to go through feeds one by one. For example: they go through the Technology feed followed by whatever other feeds they're interested in (in my case hardware and productivity). The problem is, this process takes alot of time and doesn't give you a good holistic view of the days products (that you're interested in). My solution: a modular feed system.

top bar.png
Above is my first take on the redesigned feed, it allows people to select multiple feeds to filter their feed system

I wanted to created a feature that would allow users to view and select as many interests/feeds that they want, allowing them to create a single unique and curated feed that they can scroll through all at once. Because time and efficiency are our main goals for this redesign, the new modular feed system allows users to set their "curated feed" once a day, saving time and energy (This way they never have to click through multiple feeds).


Solution 2: Queue system

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 4.46.44 PM.png

One of my biggest frustrations with PH was how time consuming it was to click into a product, read it, view it's website then have to click back and find where I left off at in order to continue discovering new products. PH does have a save feature but it doesn't "save" a product for you to read  later.

redesigned que.png

With this I decided to create a queue system that allows users to scroll through their feed and and mark interesting products they could "save and read later", thus saving time and allowing users to view all products their interested in at once, without having to go back and forth and trying to find where they were at their feed.


New flow


With these two big redesigns we've now modified the user flow, reducing the amount of steps it takes for a user to finish their "15 minute session".

Old flow: Finishing one feed would take at least 6 steps( while each extra product you visit would take up to 4 extra steps). 

New flow: User's only need to interact with their feed once during their session (selecting feeds) while visiting each extra product also only takes 1 addition step (adding product to queue). Users can now view all products that they're interested in at once.


Final product


Final thoughts


I had a great time with this project and it helped me reaffirm how much redundancy can take away from a great product. I still believe efficiency and reducing tas many steps as possible is essential to a good product.

I also really enjoyed coming up with these fake products and I might even create a spoof website for April fools this year just for fun (between Grannywatch and Kidnap it'll be hard to choose). Stay tuned for more designs and eventually my upcoming blog posts about startup life in seattle and as a full time student