Kevin Ye - Entrepreneur & Product designer
Kevin Ye - Entrepreneur & Product designer

Meeter mobile onboarding

Meeter mobile onboarding screens

My role: UI/UX designer, storyboarder.

Company: Meeter (Freelance project)





I was contacted by Meeter to help them create onboarding/tutorial screens for their iOS application. They wanted three to four screens that helped convey to their users what meeter does and what users can accomplish with it. Because this platform would be used primarily by college students, I wanted it to give a fun energetic feel to the UI while also focusing heavily on iconography and storytelling to convey the message.


Final product


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What I've learned:


Mobile onboarding needs to tell a story and great use of colors can help enhance that experience. Although the project was small (only 3 pages), It's given me the opportunity to design and merge storytelling through three simple images and texts.