Kevin Ye - Entrepreneur & Product designer
Kevin Ye - Entrepreneur & Product designer

Tack Landing page

Tack Landing page

MY role: Ui/Ux designer, Marketing copy

Company: Tack technologies, inc.


Old website:

Disclaimer: Couldn't find any screenshots of our V.2 website but here's our V.1 (from a very long time ago).

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 1.55.04 PM.png


The layout of our original website consisted of a landing page and a CTA button that led you to the "feature" page. Our data showed that only 35% of people visiting our website viewed our feature page. This was extremely low. We also had a lower than average conversion rate on our website (which may be due to our landing page.

Data means one thing but I also wanted to see how people interacted with our website. After conducting a dozen or so usability tests, we found a few concerns.

1. Users that went to our website didn't really understand what we did and what the product was.

2. Users said that we didn't have any screenshots and that our copy was weak. 


1. Move the feature page onto the landing page to reduce the barrier to entry. It's easier for visitors to scroll down than to go to another page. 

2. Add more screenshots for our features and revamp the copy below it, change the design to make the website more inviting and fun.

3. Add a how-to section below to help explain users how they would use the platform (cause people didn't know how to use/what Tack did).


Final product:


What 've learned:


Landing pages are hard and users have a very small attention span. B2B websites also need more information and hand-holding. You need very strong copy, simple explanations (complicated words and buzzwords do NOT work) and great screenshots to convey what your company is doing. I Really like one page landing pages (since users don't have to click anywhere else), and the next step would be to put "in depth feature deep dives" for each section that would link to another page. Overall I think with this project I've learned how to effectively design and format/layout a landing page.