Kevin Ye - Entrepreneur & Product designer
Kevin Ye - Entrepreneur & Product designer


b. 1986, HK.

Hey guys, my name is Kevin. 

I'm a Entrepreneur and I love designing products.

My Journey from business to design:


So a little about me... I entered into college thinking I was going to work on Wallstreet so I started off as a Business major intending to major in Finance. Didn't really end up liking finance as much but fell in love with marketing + Sales. I ended up also being fascinated by psychology. Well, after exploring some more options, cool thing was, I could major in Psychology and minor in Entrepreneurship while attending the Sales program, an awesome opportunity to do everything I wanted to do without any of the bullshit.

Fast forward a year and I realized how much I love building products and ideas, and what better way to do that than entrepreneurship. I had an idea for a collaboration tool for college kids (which as we all know pivots happen, and it's now Tack), and without any prior experience I spent weeks researching "how to start a company" and what to do first without any coding experience. Everything directed me back to designing mockups and interviewing potential customers (to show to investors/for sales).

So I began to learn how to design (albeit I was pretty bad in the beginning) with pen and paper. I ended up creating a interactive paper mockup using POP (paper prototyping), moved on to balsamic for wireframes and finally, Sketch for my first REAL prototype. After gathering my prototype, business plan and customer interviews I went and raised a pre-seed round, recruited my two Co-founders and started my Journey as a Designer and a founder of Tack.

Since then, in addition to my administrative work, sales, marketing and pitching, I've always been pulled back to design and product. I realized how much each of these intersected with the business side of my job and how much sales and marketing helped evolve our product design. This allowed me to spend more of my time working on our product. 

I became enamored with Sketch and both UI and UX. After designing our iOS and Android applications (and testing out a mix between iOS + material design) I moved onto designing for the Web (B2B enterprise Saas). Between this I also learned the in and outs of Landing page and website design and not only created our own website (through separate 4 iterations months apart) but also designed and implemented websites for various companies as a freelancer (to raise some extra money for Tack).

Since then I've realized that deep down I'm love creating things and solving problems, and what better way to do that than as a product designer? So if you've actually gone and read my whole blurb congrats! It was a bit longer than I anticipated but hey, it's an about me page. So that's that, feel free to look at my projects and if you would like to chat about anything, I'd love to help out in any way I can.